Andrew T. Wallen Memorial Education Foundation

Community of Scholars and Education Research


Statement by the Chair

Andrew was a graduate of the DeForest Class of 1985; and he was my husband.  Andrew died in 2009 at the age of 42 after a 9 month battle with gastric cancer.  He was considered a contemporary “renaissance man” by his friends and family.  Throughout his short life, Andrew was resolute to become well-versed in all disciplines, and taught himself history, art, anthropology, engineering…  By doing so, he was determined to learn and share the mistakes of our past so that moving forward all people would be part of a socially and economically just world; not just those who had the resources to buy politicians.  Andrew was fully aware that he could not have pursued his passions in life without the support and investment of his fellow citizens; and therefore was always willing to extend an open hand when anyone needed it.

As a 501(c)3 education foundation, our mission embodies Andrew’s values.  As such, we have chosen to create and nurture a community of young scholars and artists who will continually strive to improve their corner of the world – not through the pure creation of wealth and technology – but through improving the health of the planet and society through all disciplines.  In essence, those who will, in turn, invest in their communities.  And in light of the sweeping cuts to funding public education, and the escalating number of young people in poverty due to student debt, our Foundation believes it is critical that we as a society invest in the creative and academic growth of our young citizens.

Our award is a $500 scholarship, renewable for up to 4 years.  Students are selected not only on the basis of financial need and academic performance, but more importantly a unique intellectual creativity and curiosity like Andrew’s, a demonstrated commitment to their community, and dedication to an economically sustainable and socially just society – where everyone is free to pursue what is meaningful in life.

Scholarship Application for DeForest High School
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